Welcome to Sisi's Page

Hi, there!

I am a research scientist at NYU. My interests include machine learning, data mining, and statistics, especially their applications in biomedical sciences.

As a former experimentalist who developed interests and gravitated towards the computational aspects of biomedical science, I feel like the things that I learned along the way of my transition could help bring the experimentalists and the theorists closer. Therefore, here, I share with you some of my past and on-going projects in data science, neuroscience, and hybrids of both. I also keep a blog as a tech journal, where I document my solutions to some problems that I encountered. The topics include but are not limited to data visualization, challenges in processing biomedical data, and analytical techniques commonly applied to high volume high dimensional data.

If you have a question or comments, feel free to shoot me an email at: me@sisima.net.