I completed my PhD study in behavioral neuroscience at Rutgers. My graduate research focused on examining the relationship between neural activities and behaviors (e.g. learning, reward seeking and drug addiction). To facilitate my research in neuroscience, I learned some programming, signal processing and data analysis techniques. Through this process, I realized that I am passionate about data and converting data into information, which led to my career change.

Currently, I work at NYU medical center as a scientific programmer/data analyst. I work at University of Minnesota as a assistant professor. I study and implement machine learning and causal discovery algorithms, design and conduct experiments to evaluate their performances in real and simulated datasets of high-dimentionality, and construct predictive and causal models for biomedical data.

In my spare time, I work on some side projects, providing consultation and developing applications to help out my nerdy friends and their nerdy friends with their data analysis. And sometimes I just analyse some publicly available data for fun!